Testing and Diagnostics

Test Tank
A unique facility at Pennine Marine is our full size dynamic test tank, easily the largest outboard engine test tank to be found anywhere in the UK. Testing and running of your outboard engine is either done using the latest computerised diagnostic software, and/or your outboard is run in our large test tank.
Our outboard engine tank has the facility to run large outboard engines of up to 350hp at full power, whilst monitoring an engine in a safe and controlled test environment. This test tank is often used by Yamaha's own technical team (simply because it is larger than Yamaha's own outboard engine test tank at Weybridge).

Computerised Diagnostics
All modern outboard engines require a high standard of servicing. On all modern outboards, this will include the computerised diagnostics being plugged in to allow us to accurately assess the true dynamic performance of your engine.  
Your outboard engine's performance is calibrated against manufacturer's factory settings by our technicians, using the latest manufacturers computerised sensors and diagnostics. For all customers who have modern fuel-injected four-stroke engines, upon completion of your engine servicing a printout of our engine test report will be handed to you. Our workshop manager or technician will talk you through all the various diagnostics printout data and explain it to you once the service is completed.