Outboard Service Rates

Our Standard Outboard Engine & Outboard Motir Servicing - Rates and Fixed Prices
All our outboard and inboard engine servicing is charged for at reasonable rates. We would say that, being based in Yorkshire - otherwise all our customers would go to Lancashire. Pennine Marine does however aim to be competitive with all of our servicing prices and rates on all boat and engine servicing (competitive with any other manufacturer's approved dealership).  All of our "standard fixed price" outboard engine service rates are set in advance and stay fixed each year.
Our outboard engines service prices/rates for all Yamaha and Suzuki outboard engines are on display at our showroom - please call us on 0113 532 8575 or call-in to us in Ilkley for details. Servicing rates/prices for all other outboard engine brands - Mercury/Mariner, Honda Johnson/Evinrude etc will always be very similar to one of these two manufacturers’ service rates.

The manufacturers full list of all the standard genuine service parts will only be used by us during your engine service. Spare part prices for all engines can be checked with us in advance. Full spare parts lists, including prices, of all items used in your engine service or repair will be provided to you, either with our initial quote, or upon completion. All service parts used will be itemised by us o the engineering workshop jobsheet provided to you upon completion / collection of you boat / engine.
Please note that our standard service on your outboard engine will include the impeller / waterpump inspection and impeller change; the thermostat changed; all new engine and gearbox oil; new oil and fuel filters; spark plugs; kill cord safety check; lubrication of all moving parts and new seals/gaskets throughout. Please see below for "light servicing" requirements.

Non- Standard Outboard Engine Service Items - Inspections and Assessments
Our standard "fixed price" service schedule includes all the new parts recommended by the manufacturer to be used in every routine engine serivce, at the recommended service initerval.
We are however flexible. If your engine has only been lightly used and certain items are capable of being safely reused, we will - but only with your permission - reuse these lightly used items.

Please be aware that there are some “non-standard items” which are inspected by us during an engine service (i.e. carboretters, thermostats and timing belts). We work to the manufacturers standard assessment list for changing these items. However some parts require changing only infrequently, depending on engine use and/or actual wear and tear. If, after inspection, we find that these parts require replacement, then these replacement parts are additional to the standard engine service charge.

Please be aware that the carburettor and thermostat are checked by us during the service. In most engines, these do not require changing atevery service.However if these items are contaminated or blocked or damaged by poor fuel and/or dirty water, they may well need to be cleaned or in some cases replaced. Again thermostat replacement and carborettor cleaning is additional to the standard engine service charge.

Powerboat Inboard Engine and Stern-Drive - Service Rates

Service rates and repair quotes for all powerboards, inboard engines and stern-drives will be individually quoted by phone, letter or e-mail.
Our Fair Pricing Policy

We aim to provide both good quality and good value for money on all our boat and outboard / inboard engine servicing and repairs. This is why so many of our customers keep coming back year after year - and they recommend their friends to visit here.
We aim to work on a "no surprises" basis for all servicing and repair prices. Our quotes will normally be comprehensive and complete. However if we do discover unknown or unexpected defects during a service or repair, we will always contact you first, before proceeding any further. However you need to accept that there will unfortunately be some occasions where hidden damage and/or wear and tear was not visually evident when the engine was brought into us. These items will fall outside of our standard “all-inclusive” servicing rates.