Advice on Outboard Engine Problems

As part of Pennine Marine's full marine engine and parts service, we offer advice and assistance to customers who are experiencing issues with either running their own engine, or who need advice about a used/preowned engine they have recently purchased.
This advice is preferably done by us in person, with us inspecting the boat and/or outboard engine. However we can often initially deal with many more minor issues by e-mail and/or over the phone. This advice is offered as free service. We normally expect to resolve most issues fairly quickly. If not, we can advise you on what spare parts, servicing or repairs you will need to undertake.
Please note that for the free advice service over the phone, we will not put you through to one of our qualified technicians immediately. We will take your contact details and then we call you back.
We do however ask that all outboard engine owners - especially boat owners with computerised four strokes outboard engines - please appreciate that their engines are becoming increasingly sophisticated and complicated. Therefore we ask you to respect the limits of what a phone call or quick visual assessment can achieve before a full inspection and/or service of your engine becomes necessary.