Yamaha Outboard Engines

An Introduction to Yamaha Outboard Engines at Pennine Marine

Pennine Marine are by far the largest Yamaha outboard engine sales and service centre to be found anywhere in Northern England. We cover the sales, service and repair of Yamaha outboard engines and Yamaha Outboard Motors over a very large area of Yorkshire, Lancashire, Cumbria and the Lake District, Humberside and County Durham.

As the premier “triple spanner” Yamaha dealership, Pennine Marine can offer you the full range of all the new Yamaha outboard engines for sale, together with our comprehensive Yamaha outboard engine servicing and a great Yamaha outboard spares parts service.

All Yamaha outboard engine models are for sale at Pennine Marine. Our outboard range is right the way from the smallest and lightest 2.5hp Yamaha outboard, right up to the mighty Yamaha 350hp outboard. The Yamaha 350hp unit is the world’s mightiest production outboard engine.

Yamaha outboard engines combine excellent design, great build good quality and high performance. These quality standards run across the whole range across all of the Yamaha outboard engine models.

The Background to Yamaha Outboard Engines at Pennine Marine

It was well back in the last millennium when Pennine Marine first took on the Yamaha outboard engine dealership in Yorkshire. Yamaha first introduced outboards into the UK in 1960 and we here at Pennine Marine in Skipton have been with Yamaha for most of that period. In those far-off and dimly remembered days, we lived our lives here in Skipton in black and white. The only colour we ever saw was a slice of brown Hovis bread. It was so long ago since Pennine Marine first started selling Yamaha outboard engine’s that we have moved premises no less than four times since then.

Despite this long track record with Yamaha, Pennine Marine has not been resting on our laurels. We have continued to work closely with Yamaha UK in recent years to build up our fcailities to become one of their best marine engine service centres in the UK. Pennine Marine also has a larger full size outboard engine test tank than the one Yamaha has at their own HQ in Weybridge. There are no prizes for guessing where in Yorkshire Yamaha UK come to test their big outboard engines under controlled indoor conditions.

Pennine Marine has also invested in the latest Yamaha outboard engine specialist tools and especially the essential computerised diagnostics and testing equipment. This ensures both that we have the latest Yamaha outboard engine range for sale and also so that you can be confident about receiving comprehensive back-up and support for your new Yamaha outboard here at our engine service centre.

All about Yamaha Outboard Engines

For about forty years, Yamaha had the leading – by a long margin – pedigree and reputation with their two–stroke outboard engines. Then Yamaha maintained this lead when they brought in their latest four–stroke engine technology to use on their Yamaha outboard engines.

In recent years Yamaha have continued to introduce a large number of advanced technological innovations into their marine outboard engines.

Much of this Yamaha outboard engine technology was copied from Yamaha’s world-leading motorcycle technology. Yamaha Marine's change over to four stroke outboard engines (from two-strokes) introduced into the boating scene for the first time technology from their high-performance and class leading Yamaha motorbikes. Yamaha outboard engines have thus benefitted immensely from the introduction of more sophisticated manufacturing techniques. Yamaha has aslo introduced computerised fuel management injection and diagnostic systems.

Across their entire product range the latest Yamaha outboard engines are all simply very good - or in many cases superb. The Yamaha outboard engine range is now probably on the two best in boating industry with their power and performance. Yamaha especially dominate outboard sales at the top end of the range, in the categories of outboard engines size at over 100hp.

The quality and durability of Yamaha outboard motors is first class. In our opinion the Yamahas two exceptionally good design features are the high-quality aluminium alloys used in the manufacturing and the superb Yamaha patented paint systems.

This dedication to quality control does mean that Yamaha outboard engines can be slightly more expensive than other leading outboard engine brands. However there are still numerous fans of Yamaha outboards and therefore "Yam’s" tend to hold their residual resale value a lot better over the long term than some other brands of outboard engines.

Yamaha’s build quality on their outboard engines is exemplified by two key factors. Firstly the fact that Yamaha outboard’s (nearly) always start first time and secondly that we see very, very, few Yamaha outboard engine failures coming in here for workshop repairs Note: the exceptions are always caused by two fcators: poor servicing and hitting a rock!). Yamaha outboard engine owners just don’t need to visit us very often for their servicing. This is a shame for two reasons: Yamaha outboard engine owners are all nice people and with no visitors coming in here we have nobody to talk to.

There are a number of great technical features built into Yamaha outboard engines, all of which makes them really user friendly. We shall not bore you with the eye-watering technical details; however a brief summary of the yamaha engine features are as follows;

“Yamaha Outboard Engines - in-gear start protection”

This Yamaha system avoids that embarrassing moment when you forget to put your outboard engine in neutral, and then try to start it. With other outboard brands, this means you accidentally drive forward and thus try to “queue jump” the boat moored in front of you. As we all know, queue jumping is not very British behaviour. The Japanese engineers at Yamaha have come up with a way of avoiding social embarrassment. The Yamaha in gear start protection system prevents the outboard engine starting when you have forgotten to take it out of forward gear. As we said abive, yamah outboard engine owners are nice people - who don't like to queue jump....
“Yamaha Outboard Engines - Prime Start”

This Yamaha prime start system allows easy starting of the outboard engine, without you (or if you are indisposed) your lady wife needing the muscles of Gus the Gorilla to pull the Yamaha engine starting cord. (This prime start feature is found on most Yamaha models, not all. Please check the detailed Yamaha specification).

“Yamaha Outboard Engines - High Output Alternator’s”

This neat Yamaha system allows sufficient power to be instantly available, even after prolonged idling (or ebve after a teenager’s extended siesta). This is a really good feature built in by Yamaha, which we find is especially useful on activity centre, watersports club support boats and also commercial rescue boats. Yamaha outboard engines used in these conditions will often idle for a long periods; however they then need to be ready to move quickly.

Yamaha Outbioard Engine:  Engine Protection and Warning Systems

Even the smallest Yamaha outboard’s now have warning lights to prevent accidental damage. These are great. However they come on so rarely than many Yamaha outbord engine owners and users have to ring us to ask what the strange light means.

Yamaha Engine Control Module- Yamaha ECM

 These ECM’s are standard on all new larger Yamaha engines, from the Yamaha F30 upwards. This Yamaha ECM allows us to plug in our workshop’s Yamaha diagnostics computer.

The Yamaha diagnostics system then tells us exactly how the engine has performed, it’s running hours, any problems and whether you have been a naughty boy (or girl) by over-revving it. This Yamaha ECM interfaces with the outboard engines fuel and ignition systems in normal use, simply to ensure smooth running of your Yamaha outboard engine. It also activates the protection and warning systems.

Yamaha Digital Instruments and Yamaha Digital Networks

These networked systems are now standard on all new larger Yamaha engines, from the Yamaha F30 upwards.

Yamaha outboard engine digital instruments are a comprehensive range of Yamaha digital network gauges, all interfaced using a Yamaha engine fitted local area network (LAN). These Yamaha outboard engine digital networks are compatible with the NEMA 2000 technical standard. For the non-geeks amongst us, in plian English this means most other NEMA 2000 instruments just plug-in and speak to each other (in a unique language of Japanese dots and dashes). all in all its a bit like trying to understand a Yorkshire person if you are from "Down South"; you know he is talking sense; it just that you are just not quite sure exactly what words he actually said....

These Yamaha outboard engine digital instruments are the multi-function tachometer, multi-function speedometer and the digital fuel management gauge.

Yamaha Y-COP -Outboard Engine Remote Immobiliser

The Yamaha Y-COP (Yamaha Customer Remote Immobiliser) is not, despite its strange name, a system that allows your wife to stop you stealthily approaching the marina bar whilst she is still sitting with her back turned at the corner table.

 The Yamaha Y-COP system actually remotely locks your Yamaha outboard engine at the touch of a button, just like your car’s key fob.

These Yamaha Y-COP networked system are now standard on most (not all) new Yamaha engines which are fitted with the electronic fuel injection systems (EPI). Yamaha Y-COP is available on most engines from the Yamaha F35 up to the F350. Again this system interfaces with the ECM module.

New Yamaha Outboard Engines for Sale at Pennine Marine

The entire range of every new Yamaha outboard engine, from the lightest 2.5hp to the massive Yamaha 350hp outboardss, are all available for sale from us here at Pennine Marine. We sell Yamaha outboard engines at very competitive prices. This model range includes every new Yamaha engine currently listed as available for sale in the UK.

Pennine Marine offer highly competitive prices on all new Yamaha outboard engines. Yamaha outboard engines give exceptional value for money, especially when sold by Pennine Marine. Being one of the largest dealerships “Up North” we can easily match the prices of the better-known Solent based Yamaha suppliers.

In our two showrooms in Skipton, we always have a comprehensive display of the latest Yamaha outboard engine models. These are displayed either on our racks, or mounted on our Zodiac ribs and inflatables. We know that you can research on the internet, however there is no substitute for a good inspection “up close and personal” before purchasing your new Yamaha outboard engine.If you do want to lift and check the weight of a new Yamaha engine, to see whether it is portable enough for you, we are quite happy for you to do this in our showroom (under supervision).

On-line Ordering of Yamaha Outboard Engines

All Yamaha outboard engines from 2.5hp up to 350hp can be brought from us here Pennine Marine. Please note they cannot (just yet) be brought on line using this website.

Please ensure that you order exactly the right engine model and option when using this website. Yamaha is known for giving its customers a lot of choice. There up to eight options on some outboard Yamaha engine models. If you are not sure about the right engine option to pick, please call us before ordering..

All Yamaha outboard engines for sale from Pennine Marine are immediately available. Even the Yamaha engine models we do not have in stock can be delivered to us within days. We do not PDI outboard engines until they are ready to be taken away. This is simply so we know they are working and that any fuel in them is not stale.

All Yamaha outboard engines which are collected from here can be demonstrated and run in from of you our full sized test tank. Our crew here are quite happy to do this, with you alongside them. This will give you the confidence that you know the controls of your new Yamaha engine, before you use your new engine out on the water for the first time. We also explain to you the routine maintenance procedures for your new Yamaha outboard engine .

New Yamaha outboard engines can be shipped (after inspection and PDI) from us here in Skipton to anywhere in the UK. We also deliver Yamaha outboard engines internationally and we even export to southern England.
Yamaha Outboard Engines over 40hp

Please note that Yamaha (like Suzuki) now prefer that all their engines of over 40hp to be installed only by a Yamaha approved workshop. Therefore the maximum size of engine that can be purchased by you on our website is the Yamaha F30 model. Please call and ask for a quote if you require a Yamha 40hp engine or larger to be shipped out to you.
Therefore we do not offer for sale on our website any engine over the Yamaha limit of 30hp. If you are interested in any of the larger Yamaha outboard engines, anything from 40hp upwards, please call or e-mail us for a budget or quote.

Yamaha Outboard Engines – Servicing at Pennine Marine

Available from Pennine Marine is not only the full range of every new Yamaha outboard engine models, but also our in-depth knowledge for servicing Ymamah's and the expertise of caring for your Yamaha engine throughout its life. Four decades of Yamaha outboard engine manuals are kept on our workshop manager’s bookshelves.

We can undertake service and repair of every Yamaha outboard engine models, including both the newer Yamaha four stroke engines and also most of the older two–stroke Yamaha models.

Pennine Marine's Skipton workshop specialises in servicing, repairs and major overhauls of Yamaha outboard engines. We tackle anything from the simplest small annual service, right up to the complete rebuilds of the largest Yamaha outboard units following major damage.

Pennine Marine's Yamaha approved servicing workshop is fully equipped with all the latest Yamaha special service tools. We are the only Yamaha premier service centre within 250 miles of here; so we cover all of Northern England.

We also have the latest - and essential - computerised engine diagnostic software for all the Yamaha fuel injected 4-stroke outboard models. Please note that we use Yamaha’s 64 byte diagnostics version, the latest and most advanced version (this is far more sophisticated than the older 32 byte versions, which can be pirated off various websites of ill-repute).

For all engines being serviced here which are fitted with the Yamaha computerised diagnostics, we will give you the read out on your engine at the end of a service.

Smaller “hand portable” Yamaha engines can be left with us with servicing (or collected) on any day we are open, without the need to book. Yamaha engines mounted on boats and ribs need to be booked in with us before arrival.

Yamaha Outboard Engine Spare Parts at Pennine Marine – On-line Ordering

A comprehensive Yamaha outboard engine spares and spare part ordering service is available from us here at Pennine Marine. Quite simply, if a spare part still exists at Yamaha (even in Japan) we can get them for you. Pennine Marine holds a large stock of all the regularly used Yamaha outboard engine spares.

Pennine Marine will only ever use and supply you with genuine Yamaha outboard spares and spare parts. We do not supply pattern or copycat or preowned Yamaha parts.

All the most popular Yamaha outboard engine spare parts are shown on this website (e-commerce) and can be brought on-line. These can either collected from here or dispatched worldwide.

Yamaha Outboard Engine Spare Parts at Pennine Marine – Personal Ordering Service

Pennine Marine offers you a full spares and parts service for all Yamaha outboards. If the Yamaha spares you are looking for are not shown on our website, we must stress that all is not lost.
If it still exists, then any current (i.e. non-obsolete) Yamaha outboard engine spares can be ordered from us here Pennine Marine.

In very general terms, for all Yamaha engine models of less than 15 years old, almost all Yamaha genuine parts are almost all still available new. Some of the rarely used Yamaha parts will need to come over to us from Europe. Some of the Yamaha core electronic system spare parts are only available by special order from Yamaha in Japan (which in itself tells its own story about how rarely these electronics actually go wrong). However we can normally get almost any parts for the modern and youthful Yamaha outboard engines.

For Yamaha engines between 15 and 30 years old, many Yamaha spares are available new. However the rare parts tend to be held centrally in Europe or Japan, which can mean a few weeks delay before they arrive. Some parts will not be available.

Some of the older two-stroke Yamaha engine parts are however now becoming obsolete and unobtainable. For Yamaha engines over 30 years old (before 1980) and definitely over 40 years old, genuine new Yamaha parts are now very rare (or are simply unavailable new).

If the Yamaha spare part that you require is not on our website, please send us as many details of your engine as possible, especially the model code and the engine identification number. Please also send us your contact details. Your phone number or e-mail address is very useful to us when we are trying to source exactly the Yamaha parts you need.

You can send us the details of your Yamaha spares either in person, or by e-mail, peter@penninemarine.com or by phone 01756 792335.

Yamaha outboard engine spares and spare parts can either be collected, or your Yamaha spares can be delivered anywhere in the UK. Pennine Marine also exports Yamaha outboard engine spares.

Warranty on all Yamaha Outboard Engines

All new Yamaha outboards are sold by Pennine Marine backed by the full Yamaha manufacturer’s warranty. The Yamaha warranty on all new outboard engines is five years for all leisure use, or two years for commercial operators. Full warranty details will be provided to you when purchasing a new Yamaha engine.

Terms and conditions obviously apply to the Yamaha warranty, however we must stress that the latest Yamaha four-stroke outboard engines are exceptionally reliable. We know from experience here that we see very few warranty claims, even after a few years of use. 

The main requirement to maintain the warranty on your new Yamaha outboard engine is to have it serviced annually, and/or after every 100 hours of use.

This servicing must be undertaken by a registered Yamaha marine service dealership centre. The list of current approved service dealerships is on the Yamaha website. This regular servicing does not need to be undertaken by the original Yamaha sales centre. However we do like to see our regulars back here. The servicing of a new Yamaha outboard engine can be undertaken by a Yamaha centre anywhere in the world, it does not need to be brought back to the UK.

However we would note that the main reason why the normally exceptionally reliable Yamaha engines fail is that they have not been properly serviced. In our experience this lack of servicing will cause you problems, especially if the computerised diagnostics have not been checked during a service. Only the authorised Yamaha service centres have the latest computerised diagnostics, which is frankly essential to check the electronics on these modern engines during the annual service. Failure to have your engine serviced correctly can (and will) result in a warranty claim not being agreed by Yamaha.

Finally we are often asked “how reliable are Yamaha outboard engines and – if there is a problem, will Yamaha honour their warranty?” All we can say in reply to this frequently asked question is what we know from our own experience. We are the largest Yamaha service centre in northern England, covering all of Yorkshire, Lancashire and the Lake District. During 2012 we had no Yamaha warranty claims processed here.


Yamaha outboards are in the premier league for only two reasons.

Yamaha outboards have both great quality and great performance.


To conclude about Yamaha outboards, we will digress and let you into a little secret.

We knew Yamaha Marine UK’s current MD when he was living locally near here in Yorkshire. In those days Dave Pougher was still wearing short trousers and playing in the cobbled streets at the back of the local mill. However that is as much as we are saying about the background of somebody who is now a staunch pillar of the UK marine industry.

Dave is now an ex-patriot Yorkshireman, living in a posh part of southern England. He lives near Yamaha UK’s head office in Weybridge, where they have this really modern innovation of inside lavatories. So impressed were we with these facilities that we copied them when we built our new showrooms.  Life here in Skipton selling Yamaha’s during this millennium is just so much better than the good old days. It is also definitely less draughty in the loo.