Torqeedo Electric Outboard Engines

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An introduction to Torqeedo Electric Outboard Engines

The latest Torqeedo electric outboard engines for sale at Pennine Marine are a very innovative German-made range of electric outboard engines. In our opinion, the Torqeedo Travel and Torqeedo Cruise ranges are quite easily the best quality electric outboard engines now sold in the UK.The Torqeedo electric outboards are - quite simply - in a different league division to the old-fashioned electric trolling outboard engines. The Torqeedo's cannot be directly compared with any other make or type of electric outboard engine.Small trolling electric outboard engines have been seen for many years on the sterns of fishing dinghy’s and larger canoes. Whilst the new Torqeedo electric outboard engines can easily be used as a trolling outboard engine for use on inflatable boats, dinghies, small ribs and workboats, in practice the latest Torqeedo’s are proper powerful outboard engines.
There are now definitely two distinct classes of electric outboard engines, the traditional trolling motors that are available from several manufacturers and, in a league of one right out on its own, the Torqeedo outboard engine range.The Torqeedo electric outboard range has now been developed to the point where all the Torqeedo range (especially the 3.5hp Travel 1003 electric outboards) for sale here at Pennine Marine are now directly comparable with conventional petrol outboard engines from any of the major outboard engine manufacturers.The Torqeedo design build quality is right up there with the well-known outboard brand names such as Suzuki and Yamaha. Torqeedo's should be considered a premium outboard engine product. Therefore the Torqeedo electric outboard is in the premier division of outboard engine engineering.

Torqeedo Electric Outboards

What the mainstream boating press and media, (mostly Southerners) are generally about two to three years behind us Northerners. Some popular boating magazines haven't yet realised that Torqeedo outboard engines are now front-runners and that Torqeedo are a top-quality and mainstream outboard engine brand. Torqeedo now directly challenges the best of the petrol-driven outboard engines. We have known this for a long while at Pennine Marine - which is why we took on the Torqeedo brand “Up North”.It is also why we are one of the most experienced Torqeedo centres anywhere in the UK today.

You want proof - please see Motor Boat Monthly Jan 2013 “LBS” edition. MBM tested seven small outboard engines, from all the leading outboard manufacturers. To summarise their article for you, we think they have only just found out about Torqeedo,  they got a few key technical issues wrong and their article was frankly a little bit dozy (what else do you expect from members of the Southampton Municipal Boating Lake Motor Boat Club?). However, as Motor Boating Monthly said themselves in their conclusion, after testing the seven small outboards from different manufacturers, we quote their own words about the Torqeedo Travel 1003 as;

 “the biggest surprise was the Torqeedo, which we absolutely loved for its ease of use, portability and very quiet running… (it)……proves that electric outboards can be a viable alternative”.

Ok, we don’t always agree with everything Motor Boat Monthly say, but on this occasion the soft southern journalists got their conclusions about the Torqeedo Travel 1003 outboard engine absolutely spot on.

About the German Team at Torqeedo

Torqeedo was set up several years ago, as a company specifically focused on designing and building a completely new range of marine outboard engines. They planned - right from the start - to use the latest electric motor drives and in particular to develop lithium-ion battery technology for everyday marine applications. Torqeedo is a brand name word which is a combination of two common English words, “torque” and “speedo”. These are two words that accurately summarises what the company ethos stands for. Torqeedo kept a low profile for several years, however soon after they began they begun to receive good publicity in the more obscure and specialist boating magazines such as “Electric Boat”.  In recent years, especially since 2012, Torqeedo have gone main stream as a premium brand of electric outboard motors.

We know that the German design team behind the Torqeedo electric outboard engines. They have been steadily and quietly developing their various product ranges of these silent electric outboard engines over the years. The Torqeedo products now on sale with us have a good track record. We know that there is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes at Torqeedo. Their facilities are impressive, as is the staff's tectonic efficiency and in particular their dedication to looking at the tiniest of technical details. This Germanic attention to detail gives the Torqeedo a great head start over the competition. The Torqeedo's have a design and build quality which is second to none in the outboard marketplace. This fanatical quality control puts them right-up alongside the best of all other mainstream Japanese outboard engine manufacturer's products for sale in the UK marine market.

Torqeedo Electric Outboards in our Ilkley Showroom

We have been selling Torqeedo's alongside both Yamaha and Suzuki outboard's for quite a long time now and (and again, quite frankly) we are giving our customers who are looking for a small outboard engine too much choice. The Torqeedo’s design and build quality really is that good that customers struggle to decide between buying a Yamaha, a Suzuki or a Torqeedo outboard. A complete and working example of this impressive piece of silent German electric engineering is always here. A Torqeedo Travel 1003 outboard engine is permanently on display in our Skipton showroom (and we now have a demonstrator).

The dead give-away about the inherent desirability of the Torqeedo range is that absolutely everybody who comes into our showroom asks us to demonstrate our display model. Everybody - yes I mean everybody. The Torqeedo Travel 1003 model which sits in the middle of our showroom gets a lot of use, simply sitting there and showing all our guests what the future is all about. It is environmentally friendly and is notable as the only outboard engine we can demonstrate "live" in our indoor small boat showroom. We can demonstrate the Torqeedo Travel 1003 electric outboard to you, including its amazing ability to split down into three pieces. Each component is so light that even your young kids can lift your new Torqeedo engine (assuming your kids are not still having a lie in!). We can even run this electric outboard for you in the showroom, so that you can hear for yourself just how "loud" the Torqeedo really is in action at full power. I don’t need to raise my voice when the Torqeedo is running – and that is with the prop out of the water! Yes, they really are that quiet, fume free and environmentally friendly (and the Torqeedos battery means there is no need to visit the petrol station to top up on "a pint of engine juice please" - something you bluewater motorboat and yacht cruisers might also want to think about........see below).

Our showroom - with the display model of the Torqeedo Travel 1003 electric outboard engine - is open six days. However we are closed Sundays. We also have a demonstrator loan model of the Torqeedo 1003S outboard engine for you to try out (see below).

As you will see and feel for yourself here in our Skipton showroom and/or out on the water, the Torqeedo electric outboard looks and feels radically different to the conventional outboard engines. The Torqeedo outboard is a very modern, very clean and very neat piece of design. The Torqeedo Travel 1003 outboard engine is also an incredibly lightweight outboard and it is therefore very portable.

The 2019 Torqeedo Electric Outboard Engine Range Explained

The 2019 Torqeedo outboard engine range for sale at Pennine Marine consists of four basic model types;

Torqeedo Travel Electric Outboard Models - Travel 503 and Travel 1003 and 1103 models - tiller steering
The Toreqedo Travel series - the Travel 503 and the Travel 1003 and 1103 - are highly portable electric outboards for use on tenders, dinghies and smaller day-sailor’s. The Torqeedo Travel 1003 is the best selling model.

Torqeedo Cruise Electric Outboard Engine Models - Cruise 2 and Cruise 4 - tiller or remote steering

The Torqeedo Cruise series are electric outboard engines, with a separate set of inboard batteries. There are two sizes of Torqeedo Cruise outboard engines. These Torqeedo Cruises come in two sizes, for motorboats and yachts up to 4 Tons. The Torqeedo Cruise engines can either have a tiller steering, or a remote steering arrangement. The Torqeedo Cruise engine itself superfically looks similar to the Torqeedo Travel models, however in practice the Torqeedo Cruise is the big brother, being both more robust and more powerful.

Torqeedo Ultra-Light Electric Outboard Models

A small electric trolling motor for use on kayaks, canoes and very small boats. The Torqeedo Ultra-Light is sized as being strictly a traditional trolling motor.

Torqeedo Deep Blue - "Monster" 40hp or 80hp Electric Outboard Engine Power

A new concept for electric outboard engines - the Torqeedo Deep Blue is unique in the world as a power system of absolutely stunning power. The Torqeedo Deep Blue pushes out approximately 80hp (believe it or not). The Torqeedo Deep Blue outboard system features high power and ferocious, mind-blowing acceleration. The Torqeedo Deep Blue electric outboad has now won several prestigious marine industry design awards. At the moment, we think Deep Blue is still a specialist piece of marine propulsion equipment - however we here at Pennine Marine think that the Torqeedo Deep Blue is an outboard engine system to look out for in the future. The Torqeedo Deep Blue was new out in early 2013 and immediately won the prestigious award at the Metz Boat Show.
As with all specialist applications, Torqeedo Deep Blue prices, specifications and all technical details on this website are for general information only. Please call us if you need full details of a proposed Torqeedo Deep Blue outboard for you project.
We think that - as a general principle - great amounts of power coupled with environmental friendliness and quiet running has to be a combination of factors to watch in the future.........................

Torqeedo’s - Clean Electric Power Gives Environmental Benefits

The other real advantage of the Torqeedo outboard over its petrol driven outboard engine equivalents is its cleanliness. The Torqeedo range is therefore very environmentally friendly. Just as the pioneers of electricity motors (such as Tesla) over one hundred years ago knew all to well, electricity is inherently clean. Therefore your Torqeedo electric outboard engine can be stored in a car boot, caravan locker or your yacht's stern locker without worrying about the Torqeedo leaking oil, or even worse leaking petrol and inflammable vapour fumes ! We all know that we need to look after Planet Earth, or Planet Ocean as it ought to be called as 80% of the Earth’s surface is covered with water. The Torqeedo outboard range has superb environmental credentials, being quiet, completely emission free and with absolutely no need for the burning any unsustainable fossil fuels. As we here at Pennine Marine live right next door to the Yorkshire Dales National Park, we shall not harp on about our environmental credentials.

However we would note that the Torqeedo is the only outboard engine allowed in waters where the control of pollution is a concern. This includes Yorkshire’s reservoirs and sites of key natural importance, including being allowed on waters inside Sites of Special Scientific Interest. these engines are now being used by professional environmental survey companies to research Sites of Special Scientific Interest SSSI and drinking water reserviors high in the moors. 

The Torqeedo really is an outboard engine range that addresses the key environmental concerns of the 21st Century. Environmental friendliness - lack of noise, smoke pollution, fumes and smells is a key feature of Torqeedo electric engines. Customers who buy electric Torqeedo motors never want to go bac to petrol.

Torqeedo – the Electric Motors Power Output Explained

You will often see the smallest Torqeedo electric outboard described as being the equivalent to either a 3hp or a 4hp outboard engine. In practice it is both. Please let us explain why. As the Torqeedo is an electric outboard engine, it delivers its power and trust to the propeller in a radically different way to a how conventional petrol driven outboard engine delivers its trust. There are very few transmission loses in the powertrain of a Torqeedo electric outboard. Also the Torqeedo outboard engine is designed to be "high torque", hence its name. The Torqeedo has a very good energy efficiency curve, with a smooth flow of engineered power delivery throughout the rev range. After all, it is trust which pushes your boat along. However the Torqeedo outboard's efficiency gives it the motor same nominal power rating as a conventional 3.5hp petrol outboard engine. This principle of differentiating between “power” and trust” applies throughout the Torqeedo range.

Therefore "like for like" when compared with a normal outboard engine, the comparable trust on the 3.5hp Torqeedo outboard engine is approximately 4hp.

The Torqeedo outboard's propeller spins far more slowly than the equivalent propeller on petrol driven outboards. Typically the propeller revolutions on a Torqeedo will only be about a third as fast as a normal outboard. This is because the Torqeedo outboard delivers its thrust via a high torque electric engine, thus the twin bladed propeller only needs to spin slowly at the base of the outboard shaft. In practical terms, during normal use a boat owner on a typical small boat or inflatable will think the 3.5hp Torqeedo electric outboard is the direct equivalent of normal 4hp petrol driven outboard engine unit.

The Range of a Torqeedo Electric Outboard Engine

After the shock of the initial demonstration has worn off, “the range question” is the first serious concern that any knowledgeable and experienced boat owner will ask us about. This politest of frequently asked questions normally conceals an underlying and serious concern about whether the range of an Torqeedo electric outboard will be adequate for the boat owners normal everyday use.   Let’s be honest here. A few years ago the range of a Torqeedo electric outboard was good. However even just a few years ago the Torqeedo outboard's range was just not quite good enough to match a conventional outboard from any of the major outboard engine manufacturers such as Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda, Tohastu  or Mariner.However recent improvements in the lithium-ion battery technology that is at the heart of the Torqeedo's 2019 models means that you will be now be able to enjoy day-long expeditions. The battery range on the newer Torqeedo electric outboard gives everybody who has used it a high degree of confidence that they will not run out of the essential “battery juice”.

The GPS linked readout on all the Torqeedo engine models will mean that you will know for sure that there is enough electric charge left in your Torqeedo outboards' battery to be able to get you home safely (please see below for more details).

Let us use the Torqeedo Travel 1003S as an example of electric battery range. At slow speed, up to 2 knots, over ten hours motoring is possible with a Torqeedo Travel 1003S outboard engine before a battery recharge is needed. This will give you a range of up to 20 miles. This is rather a long way and we have to say quite a long time to spend in a small boat (even with a silent Torqeedo electric outboard behind you). At half throttle, up to 3 knots, over three and a half hours motoring is possible with a Torqeedo Travel 1003S outboard engine before a recharge is needed, giving you a range of about 10 miles on a Torqeedo Travel 1003S electric outboard. At full throttle, giving say a full 5 knots speed, only forty minutes motoring is possible with a Torqeedo Travel 1003S electric outboard before a recharge is needed, giving you a range of up to 3 miles of silent motoring.

As you have probably guessed yourself, we would recommend that the Torqeedo Travel 1003 outboard engine is generally used at between half and two-thirds full wide open throttle. The Torqeedo’s electric drive is a high efficiency unit, therefore the trust of a Torqeedo Travel 1003 outboard engine is very good at these lower revolutions. There is no need to rev the Torqeedo outboard engine in the same way as a conventional outboard engine in order to get a good steady performance. However we would be the first to say that - if you have a need for maximum power at all times on a 4hp outboarde ngine- say for example in  small tender against a very strong tidal stream - then the Torqeedo Travel 1003 electric motor is not the right one for you 

The Torqeedo’s GPS linked readout display

The German designers of the Torqeedo electric outboard engine were being typically thorough and precise when they designed them. Those crafty German’s anticipated us Brit’s might be concerned about the remaining "safe range" of the Torqeedo battery. Therefore every Torqeedo electric engine has, built into either the tiller or throttle control, a nifty little GPS readout. This shows you your speed, the remaining battery charge/status and also the precise range you have left on your Torqeedo. This Torqeedo GPS readout is instantaneous and very precise.

This "status readout" feature gives you the key parameters of your Torqeedo outboard's remaining range, remaining battery charge (as a percentage), your speed over the ground and the input power. In addition to this readout, an audible alarm on the Torqeedo outboard engine will also sound when the battery is down to 30% of power remaining.

The Torqeedo Electric Outboard Engine – Silence Is Golden

Using a Torqeedo outboard engine out on the water is a revolution for all experienced boaters for one reason and one reason only. The Torqeedo is completely and utterly silent! All modern outboard engines are good for noise emissions, as they all have to be manufactured to comply with the latest EU noise emission rules. However when it comes to noise, or to be more precise the complete lack of it, the Torqeedo electric outboard is just playing a different game to every other brand of petrol driven outboard engine. The Torqeedo is THE most silent outboard engine ever made. The boat’s hull is noisier than the outboard engine when moving at speed. When powered by a Torqeedo at speed you can hear the sloping of the water against the hull above the noise of the engine.When you use a Torqeedo outboard engine for the first time, we almost guarantee this complete absence of noise will result in the small boat's skipper getting a crinkled neck. This neck comes about as you will keep looking back and down to see whether your new Torqeedo electric outboard engine is silent because it has stopped working!

The Torqeedo outboard is so effortlessly quiet that your boat's own bow wave, birdsong and the "plop" of fish surfacing will be clearly audible when driving your Torqeedo powered boat along.
“Silent running” is the best description of this experience. Quite simply, bolting the Torqeedo outboard to the back of your boat transforms the boating experience of using a small boat with an outboard engine.  The Torqeedo outboard engine is therefore ideal for fishing, wildlife watching, or just watching the gorgeous scenery slip past in blissful silence.

The Torqeedo electric engines waterproof casing

Back in early 2012, the German design engineers improved the design of the Torqeedo outboard's casing, so that it now offers full IP67 rating (The IP rating stands for "Ingress Protection" and IP67 is a very high rating). The ingress protection rating is noticeably better than any other outboard engine sold. Therefore a Torqeedo outboard engine can be immersed in up to 1m of water with no ingress of water into the casing. We were very impressed by this new feature when it was first demonstrated to us. Please do not try your Torqeedo engine in the bath at home (whilst it is clean enough to go in the bath, the power of the Torqeedo's propeller may cause splashes).

Charging Up your Torqeedo Electric Outboard

The Torqeedo outboard engine comes with a fully integrated battery as part of the basic Torqeedo outboard engine package. This sophisticated lithium ion battery is the entire top section of the engine. This Torqeedo battery can be fully charged (when new) in about 15 hours. The Torqeedo's sophisticated lithium-ion battery system can be charged from "dead" or "significantly discharged" with no adverse effects. All Torqeedo electric outboard engines (except the Deep Blue 80hp model) can be charged from variety of sources. Mains electricity is preferred - however any other electrical source with the right voltage is acceptable to charge a Torqeedo. Caravan hook ups, good on-board modern generators or solar panels are acceptable alternatives to the mains. The battery can either be charged whilst sat on top of the engine, or the Torqeedo battery can be detached and charged elsewhere. Detaching it takes less than one minute and requires no tools.

Our customers have in practice found that Torqeedo battery charging was far less of an issue in practice than they first expected it to be before buying it. Used on a tender, in normal everyday use several short hops are possible before charging it. Even for day-long cruises on larger inland lakes on holiday, it can be charged overnight and be ready to go again the next day.  One enterprising local couple took their Torqeedo battery into the bar in Greece on their yacht’s fortnight’s cruise around the Ionian. By paying a euro they were always allowed to plug it into the mains (and thus Yorkshire gives a boost to the battered Greek economy!). They did not need to do this very often. All in all, in most circumstances it is probably less hassle to charge a Torqeedo battery than it is to find a petrol station near the quayside in order to get a spare gallon of petrol. After all, electrical power sockets are more plentiful than petrol stations at marinas.Spare Torqeedo batteries are available to be purchased as optional extras. However given the efficiency of the recent Torqeedo's battery design, in practice you are very unlikely to actually need to buy a spare Torqeedo battery.

Everybody who has brought a Torqeedo from us has asked about buying spare batteries. However in practice we will be the first ones to admit that we have sold very few spare batteries. We here at Pennine Marine actively discourage our new Torqeedo owners from buying an additional battery, in fact until you know you will actually need it. The spare batteries are expensive to buy, the Torqeedo batteries on their own being nearly half the cost of a total new Torqeedo engine.In almost all cases the range of your standard Torqeedo outboard's main battery will be adequate for almost all of your normal boating needs and uses. In our experience, only if you need to refuel your engine “on the move” (because of a very long range) or you are taking your boat in a very remote and uncivilised area (some parts of southern England spring to mind) will you actually need to buy a spare Torqeedo battery.

Where we recommend you use a Torqeedo electric outboard engine

We at Pennine Marine know Torqeedo outboard engines are extremely useful for three main boating applications;

A clean yacht or motor-cruiser tender engine

When used as an outboard engine to power a yacht or motor-cruiser’s tender, the Torqeedo's electric outboard engine is both lightweight and clean. The complete lack of inflammable fuel makes these engines ideal to stow anywhere on the yacht or motor cruiser, without any messy fuel or oil to leak. The Torqeedo outboard's lightweight and cleanliness makes them incredibly easy to lift onto and off the tenders’ transom. Being the easily lightest outboard engine in their class, the 4hp model is just half the weight of a Suzuki DF4. Therefore manhandling a Torqeedo outboard engine off or onto a yacht or motor cruiser onto an inflatable's boat's transom is just incredibly easy.The lack of a flammable fuel issue is a major advantage for offshore racing and cruising yachts, where the storage of petrol in yacht lockers can be prohibited by the marine authorities and yacht race organisers. Therefore the Torqeedo offers a way for the offshore yachties to have an outboard for their tender and not worry about the storage of flammable fuel.

Silent River or Lakes Cruising

As a river and lake's cruiser the range and power of the latest Torqeedo’s outboards makes them ideal for cruising, be that on Lake Windermere or on Lake Garda, whichever takes your fancy. Here the silent running of the Torqeedo outboard engine means that you will not be disturbing the local population – be that a human environmentalist, or biological marine wildlife. The silent running of the Torqeedo electric outboard allows you to sneak up on the local fish and wildlife (or environmentalist) and then photograph the look on their startled face. The Torqeedo outboard engine is thus ideal for fishermen on Britain's river's or lake's. For a fisherman, the Torqeedo can be used to power out to a fishing ground, then use it as a simple electric trolling motor when fishing.

Incredible Portability for Car and Caravan Users

With all normal outboard engines that have to be transported to and from your boat in the back of a car or inside a caravan, there are always the three key issues of weight, oils and cleanliness.We all know that outboard engines are heavy to lift. Even the best Japanese made outboard engine brands such as Suzuki are not ultra-lightweight (and we should know, as Pennine Marine sells lots of these Yamaha and Suzuki outboards). Also all conventional petrol driven outboard engines have oil and fuel that needs to be kept inside the engine. However the Torqeedo's Travel 1003's outboard engine makes them unique. The inherently clean design, “wipe-clean” plastic casing and electric propulsion system means that these outboard engines are all incredibly light to lift. Whether used either on your tender, or just carried to a cruising boat, the Torqeedo electric outboard can quickly be removed from the boat for security and carried into a car, thus mitigating the risk of theft.

The Torqeedo outboard has no oils, fuel and lubricants to leak. This makes the Torqeedo outboard both clean and delightfully odour free when stowed in the yacht, motor-cruiser, car or caravan. The lightweight and lack of oils and fuels of the Torqeedo electric outboard makes them the class leader of any make of outboard. The Torqeedo is extremely clean for this type of portable outboard engine. The cleanliness makes it the most transportable outboard engine. The Torqeedo sells well to those customers who value the cleanliness and complete lack of smell and mess (or who have a significant other who worries about smell and mess….…).

The cost of Torqeedo Electric Outboard Engines – the Yorkshire man’s financial equation!
Let’s make no mistake, the Torqeedo electric engines for sale here at Pennine Marine in Skipton are a premium product. Being right at the cutting edge of silent electric outboard engine technology, it has to be said that buying the Torqeedo outboard engine is not a cheap purchase. It requires some brass in pocket. This very high quality and eco-friendliness is reflected in our pricing of these electric outboard engines. The Torqeedo’s, especially the lithium ion batteries, are expensive to manufacture in Germany. However the Torqeedo outboard engine's numerous advantages over other conventional outboard engine's means it has a growing niche of popular devotees within the UK outboard engine market, especially in here in Yorkshire, Lancashire and the Lake District. Before you throw your hands up in horror at the purchase cost, we ask you to think about the real costs. We think that protecting the environment in the long term can also protect your wallet in the long term.

Before you simply dismiss the Torqeedo on cost grounds………………ask yourself why Pennine Marine sell so many Torqeedo’s in Yorkshire in the middle of the Great Recession…….??????

We live in Yorkshire, right in the middle of the country and next door to the Yorkshire Dales. We have a reputation “Up North” of knowing the true value of things. Let me explain why we sell so many Torqeedo’s.One of our customers Mark is a true Yorkshire man, with extra Scottish blood in him. Mark is a maths teacher at a posh public school. The school he teaches at is so posh it is heated by gas, rather than coal. You have to save every penny you can to afford to send your kids there. When Mark looked at buying the Torqeedo Travel 1003 outboard last year, he pointed out the following mathematical equation to us. Mark agreed that the Torqeedo electric outboard engine is on sale as a premium product. It is therefore expensive to purchase. However being powered by electricity and as the Torqeedo charges off the mains, the Torqeedo requires no expenditure on expensive fossil fuels to actually use it. Therefore your electricity bill for a recharging a Torqeedo throughout its life is literally pennies.

Secondly the Torqeedo requires no expensive oils or greases. Thirdly there is no annual servicing bill on a Torqeedo, so there will be no servicing expenditure here at our Skipton workshop. Our regular customer Mark then got out ALL his old boating receipts (as I said, he has extra Scottish blood in him). This trial of financial reporting included all our puny annual servicing bills for his old 4hp outboard engine (every year he argues we are too expensive, but he keeps coming back every year, however that is a different story…...).Mark then worked out something that only maths teachers are capable of doing, the Torqeedo’s true financial payback period. A few pushes of the math’s teacher’s supercomputer calculator showed the payback period for him as a typical small leisure boat owner was just less than three years. The initial high cost of purchasing the Torqeedo Travel 1003 was being offset by the considerable savings on running cost, fuel, oil and annual servicing costs. Therefore in the fourth year the Torqeedo was effectively free to use. Thus saving Mark money in the long term…….So there you are then, Mark brought a Torqeedo engine. Our workshop manager won’t be seeing him again anytime soon (and in the future they won’t be negotiating the annual outboard servicing bill either….).

And now you know why we sell so many Torqeedo’s up here in Yorkshire. All our customers are as well-educated on financial matters as Mark is (and being so well educated on financial matters is probably why he does not work in the City of London…!!).
Customer Experience of Torqeedo Travel 1003S and Cruise Electric Outboard Engines
We here at Pennine Marine have been selling Torqeedo electric outboard engines - Travel; Ultralight and Cruise models - for over three years. We are one of the best -selling Torqeedo dealerships anywhere in the UK today.
We have literally several dozen satisfied customers, almost all of whom would not now go back to using petrol outboard engines. Yes, we have to admit that everybody asks us about charging, engine ranges, travelled distances, etc, However, in practice, we think it would be fair to say that - when used for the right marine application - Torqeedo's are absolutely fine. There have been only two returned as unsuitable (both being used in fundamentally the wrong application); one warrentry claim; one minor mix-up on battery types and three people who broke things on them (these all got repaired very quickly). Apart from those few people - satisfied customers outnumbered the few with issues by a ratio of twenty to one. 
Demonstrator Model - Torqeedo Travel 1003S Electric Outboard Engine
So you've read my sales pitch (above). You've read every blog about the Torqeedo. You have read every customer review about the Torqeedo. You like the idea- but you are still not sure....??? Is this you sitting there right now?
If so, why not try and drive a Torqeedo Travel 1003S Demonstrator before you buy. Better still- the Torqeedo electric outboard engine demonstrator unit is FREE (you can tell we are based in Yorkshire - just you try charging the locals around here for something they might give back !)
As well as our showroom Torqeedo - Pennine Marine has a loan / demonstrator Torqeedo Travel 1003S electric outboard engine unit. You can borrow this complete Torqeedo electric outboard engine for up to a week, allowing you to try it out on your own boat for yourself. Terms and conditions do apply - mainly a £500 deposit (refunded) on your card; proof of identity and you pay for any damage. However you can use our Torqeedo demonstrator unit on your own boat - with the battery charger and everything - to see if it is right for your boating needs. Collection and return of the Torqeedo demo unit is only from us here in Skipton BD23 2UR. Sorry - we do not send the Torqeedo demonstrator electric outboard engine out to far-flung parts of the British Empire (such as southern England).
For full details of each Torqeedo Electric Outboard Engine - please click on the "ENGINES" tab above and then scroll down to each model.