Zodiac Pro 5m rib - preowned tubes
one set of zodiac pro 500 5m rib pvc tubes complete with air and all necessary valves etc Set of red Zodiac replacement tubes for the Pro 500 rib in red for the pro rib and will fit any model f the Zodiac tubes and the 5m rib these are a one off for sale in the UK and the buyer collects from Ilkley

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preowned set of zodiac pro rib 5m 9 man rib tubes in red. These zodiac pro 500 rib tubes are in excellent condition throughhout and and holding air extremely well. these preowned Zodiac tubes  fit the pron 9 man rib and the 5m rib.
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Zodiac Pro Tubes - Preowned
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Zodaic Pro replacement tubes - 1 set
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A one-off : one set only of the complete set of preowned red pvc tubes for the Zodiac Pro 500 - These will fit any model of the Pro 500 - 9 man or 4.7m/5m - Pro model rib  
These preowned Zodiac Pro rib tubes are generally in good condition throughout: as is clearly seen in these photos. These Zodiac tubes visually throughout are extremely neat and tidy.
On all visible surfaces only some very minor and superficial markings to affect their visual appearance. There have been three professional repairs : all of which are, when the tubes are fitted to the boat - "almost invisible" (except to a very close inspection).All the patches are against the hull when fitted. These tubes hold air for a very long time. Please click on the dots on these banner photis to see more photos. A full set of photos of these tubes, inflated inside our workshop, can be sent out by email to any serious buyer
These tubes are stored at our Iklley premises (May 2022). Customers are strongly advised to inspect them before purchase. 500 (fuve hundred) or near offer: collected from Ilkley


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