Zodiac: Bombard: Avon; Zodiac Milpro: The Brands Explained
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Zodiac Nautic
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Leisure Boats and Ribs - 2020
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Zodiac Nautic is now the company which many long-term UK boaters will know as the famous Zodiac boat name. Zodiac used to have a yellow and blue badge: however these days it is a white and grey logo. Their boas are a wide range of inflatables and ribs, are designed soley for the recreational and leisure boating markets
Penine Marine no longer sells Zodiac Nautic products (from July 2020 onwards). We are now selling Honwave boats = SEE SEPARATE ENTRY
Please see the manufacturers Zodiac Nautic own website for full details of their boat ranges: or contact a Zodiac Nautic dealership.

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Avon Boat
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The Avon Brand - 2020
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The Avon brand was known for its superb quality for many years. The Avon brand introduced many features that are now commonplace on all other high quality ribs, such as neoprene / hyperlon tubes.
Nowdays Avon is owned by Zodiac Nautic brand. Some Avon products for the leisure ranges therfore may now have been rebranded under the Zodiac Nautic brand. Please contact Zodiac Nautic for details. 
However what was the Avon professional and commercail ribs and inflatables are now sold under a different label. Following the spilt of Zodiac Nautic and Zodiac Milpro back in 2013, what many UK boaters used to know as the boats models built under Avon brand, including the classic Avon Searider, are still being manufactured. However these ribs and infllatables are now made and sold under the Zodiac Milpro  brand,...so please read on.....

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The Bombard Brand 2020
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The Bombard name is one that is famous throughout Europe from the exploits of a 1950's pioneer. The Bombard brand is however far less well known in the UK.
The Bombard brand and its designs are all owned by the Zodiac Nautic company (see above)  The Bombard boats - both inflatables and ribs - come off the same production lines as many of the Zodiac Nautic boats. Therefore the Bombard and Zodiac Nautic boat ranges share many common features.
Pennine Marine no longer sells the Bombard ranges. Please contact Zodiac Nautic for details of all Bombard boats.

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Zodiac Milpro in 2020
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Zodaic Milpro - Formerly the Avon Professional Ribs and Inflatable Boats
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All of the Zodiac "professional boats" and the former Avon "commercial and military" boats are now sold under the Zodiac Milpro brand.(from 2013 onwards)
Zodiac Milpro has been an entirely separate company from Zodiac Nautic (including Avon and Bombard), as Zodiac Nautic now only concentrates on the leisure and recreational market. (see above).
Therefore Zodiac Milpro now has tightly focused range of inflatable boats and ribs dedicated to the professional, commercial and military market. This now includes the Zodiac Hurricane boats, beloved of the US Military and Coastguard
However many of the classic high-quality designs that came out from Avon factory are still available today, but under the Zodiac Milpro brand name. Literally the only thing which has changed on many models is the badge on the back - was called Avon, now called Zodiac Milpro.

  • Grand Raid GR inflatable boats
  • Futura Hulls Mk 4: Mk 5; Mk 6
  • Emergency Response Boats - ERB's
  • Military inflatable Boats - FC420 & 470; FC 470 EVO: FC530; CRRC 450 & 520

Zodiac Milpro Ribs

  • Searider SR Ribs
  • SRMN Ribs
  • SRR Response Ribs
  • Hurricane Ribs

The good news is that Pennine Marine is one of the very few UK dealerships for the Zodiac Milpro (formerly Avon) ribs. Thus individuals, companies and clubs can all still buy these classic boat and rib designs. The boats and ribs are all described on our website. Prices of all Zodiac Milpro boats (formerly Avon) are on application to ourselves


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