A brief history of the Zodiac Milpro Company

The original Zodiac Company was founded in 1896 by Frenchman Maurice Mallet. Zodiac was one of the first aviation companies in the world and initially Zodiac produced airships. Later during the First World War Zodiac started to manufacture aeroplanes. The core of Zodiac’s many product ranges was for many years based on these aerospace products, where the Zodiac attributes of light weight, strength and good quality control were fundamental to their success.

In the 1930’s the Zodiac Company developed the concept of an inflatable rubber boat. At that time, the Zodiac inflatable boat idea was both very novel and extremely futuristic. The 1930’s were an era when all other small boats were still hand built from timber and all major vessels were being made from riveted steel.  With their inflatable boats Zodiac therefore also made a name for itself in ship building as well as aviation. Soon Zodiac rigid and inflatable boats were on everyone’s lips.

Inflatable boats came of age in the Second World War, when the military and naval forces across the world recognised that the lightweight, speed and manoverablity of inflatable boats made them far superior for certain applications than traditionally built craft. After the Second World War, Zodiac established themselves as inflatable boat manufacturers across the world. Over several decades Zodiac then sold a very large number of inflatable boats and ribs, in numerous countries worldwide. They were once easily the inflatable boat and rib manufacturer with the largest model range and greatest representation worldwide.
However in 2013, after a few years of difficult trading folowing the Great Recession of 2008. the Zodiac comnpany spilt into several independent companent conpanies: which were divided across various different industries. The Zodiac Milpro brand is the one that now retains the traditional features of toughess and robustness in all sea conditions

Key Design Features of Zodiac Milpro Ribs and Inflatable Boats
An inherent feature of all inflatable Zodiac Milpro boats is that they possesses an extraordinarily high load carrying capacity.

All Zodiac Milpro rib and inflatable boats will lay very level and are thus very stable on the water. All Zodiac Milpro boat models have large diameter inflatable tubes, which generate a comparatively deeper centre of gravity. This adds to the overall stability of the boat, especially when laden with heavy loads.

When compared with a traditionally built boat, a Zodiac Milpro inflatable boat requires only a relatively small outboard motorboat for high performance. As a result of their light weight and low drag all Zodiac Milpro inflatable boats are always economical in fuel consumption and therefore cheaper to use than many competitor’s products.

Zodiac Milpro inflatable boats and ribs are all light weight and this makes them all very portable for transportation.