Ultrasonic Cleaning Service (Biofuel Bug Issues)

Since the introduction of the EU inspired biofuel additives into all forecourt petrol back in 2011. We are unfortunately seeing more and more issues with dirty and stale fuel contaminating outboard engine carburettors and injectors. This biofuel contamination issue has been made worse by the lousy summer of 2017, which meant many outboard engines were not used all that year. Therefore with engines lying idle much of the year, the bio-additive laden fuel left in outboard engines went very stale.

Therefore five years ago we carried out a number of test and trials on how to remove fuel contamination and then to deep-clean contaminated outboard engine carburettors. For these trials, Pennine Marine worked closely with the test engineers at Guyson.  They are Europe’s biggest ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturer and they are world leaders in this specialist field. Fortunately for us, Guyson are based within walking distance of where we used to be based in Skipton: so their expertise was almost "on our doorstep".

Following the success of these trials, Pennine Marine therefore invested in a “state of the art” Guyson ultrasonic carburettor cleaner. This new ultrasonic cleaner is permanently based in our engineering workshop. The ultrasonic bubbles in the warm water remove all engrained biofuel contamination from all those microscopic holes which are located deep within modern outboard engine carburettors.  

This new service of ultrasonic carburettor cleaning is available to all our inboard and outboard engine service customers. However please note that if your engine has been heavily contaminated by bio-fuel additives this deep ultrasonic cleaning is at an extra cost (in addition to the standard outboard engine service items).