Outboard Engine Spare Parts

Outboard Engine Spare Parts
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Here at Pennine Marine we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver to you the right outboard engine spare parts to the right place and at the right price. As a multiple franchise dealership, dealing in most leading marine outboard engine brands, we can often offer you a comprehensive service that others simply cannot.

Our outboard spare parts service includes all of the popular UK outboard engine brands, from manufacturers such as Yamaha, Suzuki, Tohatsu, Johnson/Evinrude, Honda, and Mariner/Mercury. We only supply you with genuine new outboard spare parts, all of which are directly sourced solely from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), or their main approved UK importer. We never supply you with “grey imports”, preowned parts or pattern parts.

Pennine Marine hold in stock at Ilkley all the commonly used outboard engine service kits and spare parts for many marine outboard engines. We can source – usually within days- the other less commonly used outboard spares. These rarer outboard engine spars will come to us directly from the manufacturer’s warehouse stock in Europe, or occasionally Japan, to which we are linked by a fully computerised parts ordering service. Please note that some very rare outboard spare parts may need to come to us from Japan, which can take up to six weeks.

We also hold stocks of many leading brands of marine oils, greases and lubricants, such as Yamilube and Johnson Evinrude oils. These stocks of marine oils and greases include two and four stroke oils, grease, gearbox oils, fuel stabilisers, conditioners etc.

Our inboard spares services is more limited, please call us for details of inboard engine and stern drive parts availability. Most outboard engine spare parts that are still available new can be supplied by us, usually within a few days. Even parts for outboard engines that that are older than 20 years can often be supplied, although these may take longer to identify and source.

Ordering Your Boat and Engine Spare Parts

To order spares from on-line, please use the order form.

To order by phone, please call us on 0113 532 8575  (8am to 4pm, Monday to Friday).

When you order outboard engine spare parts from Pennine Marine, we do ask that you provide us with as many details as possible, of both your engine and the detailed description of the part(s). For us to source exactly the right spare part(s) to fit your boat or outboard engine, the better quality of information that we receive from you initially, the quicker and more accurately we can source the parts and then deliver them to you – allowing you to get back out on the water. There are two vital pieces of information we need;

Your Contact Details

When sourcing spares, we often need to speak to, or e-mail, you. We often needed to double-check to ensure we have selected the right spare parts that precisely fit your outboard engine.

Engine Identification (Serial) Number

When ordering outboard engine spare parts, you will often know your own engine make, model and type. However what is especially useful to us is the unique identification/serial number – the UIN. The UIN is exceptionally useful to us when we are ordering parts, as it can mean the difference between the computer saying no and the computer saying yes!  Your outboard engine UIN is normally about a dozen characters long and will be a mixture of numbers, letters and punctuation. For effective ordering, we need all of this number

This unique identification number is normally found on the outboard engine plate, usually on the side of (or near to) the mounting bracket. When listing your engine identification number our Pennine Marine spare parts order form, please always include all the pre-fix numbers and letters.An example of an outboard engine model and UIN is as follows - a Yamaha 40 could be -- Type 40VEOL. - UIN No. 6H4-L-840949

Delivery of your Outboard Engine Spare Parts - UK and EU

Your outboard engine spare parts and all oils/lubricants can either be collected, or we can deliver to you anywhere within the UK or EU. For all deliveries, when you order spares from us, it is essential that you give us a full address where the parts can be received from our courier company during the day. We must know your postcode/zipcode. We use a range of postal, courier and delivery services to ensure that your engine spare parts arrive promptly, even for boats lying in remote locations. We operate this service very quickly throughout the UK and EU.

Delivery of your Outboard Engine Spare Parts – International and Global

Pennine Marine also exports outboard engine spare parts globally, although this can take a little longer than for the UK and EU. Please note that different terms and conditions apply for our international spare parts sales. We export widely to Europe, Middle and Far East, (even southern England and Lancashire ! ) Please note we do not export to the USA.

Quotes for Marine Spare Parts

If you are unsure whether you will definitely require the marine spare part(s), we are happy to provide you with just either budget advice and/or a quote for the price/cost for your possible spare parts. We will then keep your quote on file, without actually ordering the parts. You will not need to pay anything until you decide you want them and when we actually order them for you. Our quotes are valid for three months, so giving you time to decide what your best course of action is.

Unknown Outboard Engines

If you do not have precise details of the engine, or the engine is old and does not have an identification number, then Pennine Marine can still help you, by either a quick workshop assessment or by us reviewing your digital photos.

  • We can quickly assess the engine here in our engineering workshop at Skipton (inspection takes 1 hour for a maximum charge of £50).
  • You can send us good quality digital photographs of your unknown engine or parts by e-mail.

Outboard Engine Spare Parts - Accounts for the Marine Trade

We have a number of regular trade accounts for supplying small quantities of marine spare parts. These trade accounts are normally with other marine dealerships, or with owner-operated mobile servicing companies. Marine trade accounts can be set up with us quickly and simply. Terms and conditions will apply and these are available on request from our office.

Outboard Engine Spares – Charities, Clubs, Watersports Centres and Charter Companies

For charitable organisations, RYA and Canoe England registered watersports clubs, activity centres and charter companies we can quickly arrange the supply of outboard engine spare parts, with invoicing to the appropriate accounts department or club treasurer. We supply most of the clubs and centres in Northern England. This service allows urgent spare parts to reach you without delay, and thus lets you continue with your training and activities. Please call or e-mail us for details.

Outboard Engine Spare Parts – Supply to Commercial, Government and Military Operators

We regularly supply normal and specialist outboard spare parts to a large number of commercial companies, NGO organisations and various government and council organisations. Please call the Pennine Marine office for details of our commercial and government accounts- 01756 792335 during normal office hours. We can quickly arrange electronic invoicing to the appropriate accounts department against your purchase order number, thus allowing urgent outboard spares to reach you without delay. Alternatively some organisations and companies now order and then pay us by company debit or credit card, which is fine. Please call or e-mail us for details. Early arrival of your spare parts will allows you to keep functioning out on the water, without waiting for the paperwork and payments to catch up first.