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From the 28th June 2018.


We have relocated.

In July 2018 Pennine Marine has relocated to the village of Embsay, just north of Skipton.


Therefore in July and august 2018 we are able to offer full servicing and repair facilities on all smaller outboard engines and also our normal call out service for all larger engines.

We will soon be moving to a more permenant unit - details to follow.......


Temporary Address -


c/o Bondcrosft ATV ;


Bondcroft Farm ; Embsay,


North of Skipton,


BD23 6SF


This is on the road out from Embsay at Eastby



Full Engine Servicing Facilities. No showroom



We owe you an explaination.......


This move is due to a serious dispute with our landlord....


You wil not have been aware that we were in dispute with our landlord over the last two years.


However if you had visited us in Skipton at anytime during the last two years you would have seen that the whole environment around our unit - which had once been very neat and tidy - had become very tatty and messy. Basically, and to cut a long story short, our landlord's "other business" is the manufacturing of large wooden panels to make houses. They are based in a unit just along the road from us: and they have been trying to expand that industrial business for the last three years. This has been done by moving into adjacent premises and forcing out the existing long leaseholders. Therefore Pennine Marine had been paying "top rents" for a high quality unit in a business park environment. However what we had actually been getting was our landlord deliberately making the whole area into a messy industrial area.  This was all to try to force us (and others) out of their long leases. You may have noticed that Glastec had been forced out in 2016 - and the inside of that business unit removed to store panels - which is when the problems really started gettiing serious. However you probably will have noticed that large stacks of foam-filled wodden panels are now being stacked all across what was once customer's parking areas outside several units: and you may have come across a "trespassing articulated lorry".


Therefore the landlord had seriously and repeatedly breached what is defined in leasehold law as our "peaceful enjoyment of our premises for the purposes of our going trade".


Things came to a head in late June 2018, when I (yet again) complained to our landlord about yet more damage; this time caused by their trespassing articulated lorries. As normal, my complaint was completely ignored. We then found ourselves locked out!





I must stress that Pennine Marine is still trading and we are still solvent.

Indeed we have more forward orders than ever. Our bank manager fully supports us.

However, as we are now in temporary premise, we are not able to offer our customers our normal full service.



We are still able to offer full servicing and mobile servicing etc





  • 01756 792 335

  • 07548 167 749


9am to 5pm; Monday to Friday





SATNAV -  Skipton, North Yorkshire BD23 6SF


Please call or e-mail us for directions



Temporary Address - Pennine Marine, Skipton, North Yorkshire UK  postcode BD23 6SF

Email -

Phone - UK 01756 792 335 or Int. Phone 0044 1756 792 335


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