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pennine marine in ilkley (midway between leeds, york and harrgate) in Yorkshire is close to all of the major boating centres throughout the northern parts of England and the UK. pennine marine sells the zodiac Milpro; Avon; Zodiac and F-rib ranges of inflatable boats. Pennine Marine in ilkley offers a full range, and expert advice, on all brands and makes of ribs; rigid inflatable boats, sibs., soft inflatable boats, speedboats and powerboats. pennine marine in ilkley sell boats, rigid inflatable boats and
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Yamaha 8hp outboard engines for sale in the Uk, with yamha full specs, lean burn system pdi and 8hp sold complete at our special F8 sales price. The Yamaha F8  outboard engine is a great price and has full Yamaha 8hp spares and yamaha 8hp servicing kits support from Pennine Marine here in Yorkshire, near Lancashire. Pennine Marine sells Yamaha F8 spare parts and propellers online and on ebay for the Yamaha F8 outboard engine, with Yamaha parts diagrams, brownspoint, serial numbers. Yamaha uk 8hp dealership
Size: 8hp
Brand: Yamaha
From 1,750.00
inc VAT.

New Yamaha F8 outboard engine for sale - a great 8hp engine for the UK and Europe.

Full range of Tohatsu outboard engines, including both Tohatsu four stroke engines and two-stroke outboard motors. Tohatsu outboard engines are rugged and reliable, and are uniquely designed. Tohatsu outboard engines now include several fuel injected engine models, including a 15hp engine and the full Tohatsu engine range from 40hp to 90hp. The Tohatsu range is comprehensive and includes all Tohatsu engine and gearbox oils; Tohatsu spare parts, Tohatsu propellers and remote control kits for Tohatsu engines
8 hp
Brand: Tohatsu
inc VAT.

In 2018 we are be selling the full range new Tohatsu outboard engines. Please see the Tohatsu UK website for all details of all Tohatsu outboard engine models. We continue to offer full servicing, repair and support on all Tohatsu engines, new and old.

The torqeedo Travel 1003 outboard engine for sale in the Uk is a complete outboard electric outboard engine system comprising  of the lithium ion battery, engine shaft, Torqeedo electric motor  and  the integral Torqeedo tiller handle with remote  control options . The Torqeedo travel 1003 outboard engine  is the environmentally friendly way to go boating, being silent and smooth and very quiet. The Torqeedo travel 1003 electric engine is for sale here in the Uk from us here at Pennine Marine as complete sp
Size: 4hp (equivalent)
Brand: Torqeedo
1,280 (free uk delivery)
inc VAT.

The clean quiet and environmentaly friendly electric outboard engine. Our best-selling 4hp outboard engine, the Torqeedo Travel 1003 electric outboard engine is superb. Torqeedo's are clean, quiet, very light to lift, easy to dismantle and does not smell.

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