Suzuki Outboard Engines - triple spanner centre

Outboard Engines – An Introduction to Suzuki Outboards at Pennine Marine

Pennine Marine are the only major premier Suzuki outboard engine sales and service centre to be found anywhere in Northern England.
We cover the sales, service and repair of all Suzuki outboard engines over a very large area of Yorkshire, Lancashire, Cumbria and the Lake District, Humberside and County Durham.

As one of the few premier “triple gold spanner” Suzuki dealerships, Pennine Marine can offer you the full range of all new Suzuki outboard engines, together with a comprehensive Suzuki servicing and aftercare service, as well as a great Suzuki spares parts service.

As the largest Suzuki centre “Up North”, all current Suzuki outboard engine models are offered for sale at Pennine Marine. These are all outboard engine sizes, right the way from the smallest and lightest 2.5hp outboard, right up to the mighty Suzuki 300hp outboard.

Pennine Marine have been a Suzuki dealership for many years – we know from our long experience working with them that Suzuki outboard engines combine good quality and high performance with excellent value for money. This applies right across the whole range of all the Suzuki engine models.

The Background to Suzuki Outboard Engines at Pennine Marine

Ever since Pennine Marine took on the Suzuki dealership, we have worked closely with Suzuki UK in recent years to build up one of the best marine engine service centres in the UK.
Pennine Marine now has probably the largest and best equipped Suzuki marine outboard engine service and repair facility to be found anywhere in the UK.

We have invested in specialist Suzuki tools and computerised testing equipment to ensure that - not only do we have the Suzuki outboard engine range on display - but also that we also have the back up of a comprehensive Suzuki outboard engine service centre.
All about Suzuki Outboard Engines

Suzuki has generated a very large number of advanced technological innovations for marine outboard engines in recent years. The changeover by Suzuki from their older two-stroke technology to their four stroke outboard engines models introduced into the boating world technology from Suzuki’s world leading motorbikes and ATV’s engines – and boy do we think that this improvement in their technology show at the sharp end when you are using a new outboard engine.

The latest Suzuki outboard four stroke engines are all - quite simply - good or very good. The Suzuki outboard engine range now probably leads the boating industry with the power, performance and especially the fuel economy of their outboard engines being excellent across their entire range.

Many of the latest Suzuki outboard engine models feature "lean burn" technology and the lean burn system (when fitted) is exceptionally good on fuel economy. The smallest Suzuki outboard engines have an unrivalled design, being both fuel efficient and lightweight. It is Suzuki's policy to introduce some new four-stroke outboarde engines with the lean burn system fitted to them in 2014.

Suzuki outboard engine's lightweight design gives them exceptional portability, which has made the smaller outboard models very popular. You will find that the lightweight of a Suzuki outboard is very useful when lifting your outboard engine down onto a small tender and also when transporting your outboard engines by car. This lightweight makes Suzuki outboard engines a very popular choice for using both on small yacht tenders and also for transporting to the water in cars and caravans.
New Suzuki Outboard Engines for Sale at Pennine Marine

The entire range of every new Suzuki outboard engine - from the lightest 2.5hp outboard to the massive Suzuki 300hp outboard - are available for sale from Pennine Marine – all at very competitive prices. This includes every new lean burn engine.

Pennine Marine offer highly competitive prices on all new Suzuki outboard engines. Suzuki outboard engines give exceptional value for money - especially when sold by Pennine Marine. Being one of the largest dealerships up north we can easily match the better-known Solent based Suzuki engine suppliers.

In our two showrooms in Skipton, we always have a comprehensive display of the latest Suzuki outboard engine models, displayed either on our racks, or mounted on Zodiac ribs. We know that you can research on the internet, however there is no substitute for a good inspection “up close and personal” before purchasing.

If you do want to lift and check the weight of a new Suzuki engine, to see whether it is portable enough for you, we are quite happy for you to do this in our showroom (under our supervision- please).

All Suzuki outboard engines from 2.5hp to 20hp can be brought on-line using this website. Please ensure that you order exactly the right engine model and option when using this website. Each size of Suzuki engine can have up to four different options. If you are not sure about the right Suzuki model and option to pick, please call us before ordering.

All Suzuki outboard engines for sale from Pennine Marine are immediately available, even the models we do not have in stock can be delivered to us by Suzuki within days. We do not PDI our engines until they are ready to be taken away by yourself, simply so we know they are working and that any fuel in them is not stale.

All engines which are collected from here can be demonstrated and run in our full sized test tank – which our crew here are quite happy to do with you alongside them. This hands on testing will show you the controls of your new Suzuki engine and ensure that you understand the routine operating and maintenance procedures before you go and use your new engine out on the water for the first time.

New Suzuki outboard engines can be shipped (after inspection and PDI) from us here in Skipton to anywhere in the UK and EU. We can also deliver Suzuki outboard engines internationally.

Please note that Suzuki now require all their engines of over 40hp to be installed only by a Suzuki approved workshop. Therefore the maximum size of engine that can be purchased by you on our website is the new Suzuki DF20 lean burn model. Therefore we do not offer for sale on our website any engine over the Suzuki 20hp. If you are interested in purchasing any of the larger Suzuki outboard engines, any Suzuki engine from 40hp upwards, please call or e-mail us for a budget or quote.
Suzuki Outboard Engines – Servicing and Engine Care at Pennine Marine

Available from us here at Pennine Marine is not only the full range of every new Suzuki outboard engine models, but also our depth knowledge for servicing and the expertise of caring for your engine throughout its life.

We can undertake service and repair of every Suzuki outboard engine model, including both the newer four stroke engines, for which spares are available. This includes most, but not all of the very the oldest Suzuki two–strokes models.

Pennine Marine's Skipton workshop specialises in servicing, repairs and major overhauls of Suzuki outboard engines- we tackle anything from the simplest 20 hour service right up to the complete rebuilds of the largest Suzuki outboard units following major damage.

Pennine Marine's Suzuki-approved servicing workshop is fully equipped with all the latest Suzuki special service tools. We are the only “triple Suzuki gold spanner” service centre with 200 miles, in other words the only Suzuki “triple gold spanner centre” south of the Clyde and north of Hampshire.

We also have the latest - and absolutely essential - computerised engine diagnostic software for all the Suzuki fuel injected 4-stroke outboard models. Please note that we use Suzuki diagnostics version 7, which is a diagnostic system which light years ahead of the older Suzuki diagnostics versions (these are the older versions which can be pirated off various dodgy websites). On all modern engines which are fitted with the downloadable Suzuki computerised diagnostics, we will provide you with a copy of the diagnostics printout upon completion of your engine service. Please note that this Suzuki diagnostics system is more advanced than the "man in his white van" might have pirated off the internet.

Smaller “hand portable” Suzuki engines can be left with us with servicing (or collected) on any day we are open, without the need to book with us in advance. Larger Suzuki outboard engines, those mounted on boats and ribs, need to be booked in with us for their service a few weeks before arrival.
Suzuki Outboard Engine Spare Parts at Pennine Marine – On-line Ordering

A comprehensive Suzuki outboard engine spares and spare part ordering service is available from us here at Pennine Marine. Pennine Marine holds a large stock of all the regularly used Suzuki outboard engine spares. Quite simply, if a spare part still exists at Suzuki (even in Japan) we can get these spares for you. Pennine Marine will only ever use and supply you with genuine Suzuki outboard spares and spare parts - we do not supply pattern or copycat parts.

All the most popular Suzuki outboard engine spare parts are shown on this website (e-commerce) and can be brought on-line. These can either collected from here or dispatched worldwide.
Suzuki Outboard Engine Spare Parts at Pennine Marine – Personal Ordering Service

Pennine Marine offers the full spares and parts service for all Suzuki outboards.

If the Suzuki spares you are looking for are not shown on our website, we must stress that all is not lost! If it still exists, then any current (i.e. non-obsolete) Suzuki outboard engine spare part can be ordered from us here Pennine Marine.

In general terms, for all Suzuki engines less than 10 years old, every spare part is available. Some of the more obscure and rarely used parts may need to come over from Europe, or occasionally Japan. However we can normally get almost all parts for the most modern and youthful Suzuki engines. For Suzuki engines between 10 and 20 years old, almost all Suzuki spares are available new However the rare Suzuki spare parts of this age tend to be held centrally in Japan, which can mean up to six weeks wait before they arrive. Some of the older Suzuki two-stroke engine parts are however - sad to say- now becoming obsolete. For Suzuki engines over 30 years old (before 1980) genuine new Suzuki parts are now very, very rare or are now unobtainable.

If the Suzuki spare part that you require is not on our website, please send us as many details of your engine as possible, especially the model code and your engine’s the unique identification number. Please also send us your contact details - a phone number or e-mail is very useful to us when we are trying to source exactly the right spare parts for you.

You can send us the details of your Suzuki spares by e-mail, or by phone 01756 792335.

Suzuki outboard engine spares and spare parts can either be collected, or your Suzuki spares can be delivered anywhere in the UK. Pennine Marine also export Suzuki outboard engine spares.
Warranty on all new Suzuki Outboard Engines

All new Suzuki outboards sold by Pennine Marine are backed by the full Suzuki manufacturer’s warranty.

The Suzuki warranty on all new outboard engines is now five years for all leisure user, or two years use (with other conditions) for commercial operators. Full details of your Suzuki warranty will be provided to you when purchasing a new Suzuki engine.

Terms and conditions obviously apply to the Suzuki warranty. However we must stress that the latest Suzuki four-stroke outboard engines are exceptionally reliable. We know from experience here that we see very few warranty claims on any Suzuki engine, even after a few years of use. 

The main requirement to maintain the warranty on your new Suzuki outboard engine is to have it serviced initially at 20 hours - thereafter it needs to be serviced annually or after every 100 hours of use.

This regular servicing must be undertaken by a registered Suzuki marine service dealership centre. The list of current approved Suzuki service dealerships is on the Suzuki website. This servicing does not need to be undertaken by the original sales centre - however we do like to see our regulars back here. The servicing of a new Suzuki outboard engine can be undertaken by a Suzuki centre anywhere in the world- it does not need to be brought back to the UK.

In our experience, the main reason why Suzuki engines fail in use is that they have not been properly serviced. In our experience, this lack of servicing will cause you problems, especially if the computerised diagnostics have not been checked during a service. Only the authorised Suzuki service centres have the latest computerised diagnostics, which is frankly essential to check the electronics on these modern engines during the annual service. Failure to have your engine serviced correctly can (and will) result in a warranty claim not being agreed by Suzuki.

Finally we are often asked “how reliable are Suzuki outboard engines and – if there is a problem, will Suzuki honour their warranty?”. All we can say in reply to this frequently asked question is what we know from our own experience.  Despite the fact that we are the largest Suzuki service centre in northern England, covering all of Yorkshire, Lancashire and the Lake District, that during all of 2012 and 2013 we continued to see very, very few warrentry issues.