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pennine marine in ilkley (midway between leeds, york and harrgate) in Yorkshire is close to all of the major boating centres throughout the northern parts of England and the UK. pennine marine sells the zodiac Milpro; Avon; Zodiac and F-rib ranges of inflatable boats. Pennine Marine in ilkley offers a full range, and expert advice, on all brands and makes of ribs; rigid inflatable boats, sibs., soft inflatable boats, speedboats and powerboats. pennine marine in ilkley sell boats, rigid inflatable boats and
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honda outboard engines in the 4hp, 5hp and 6hp catagory, with the petrol driven honda outboard engines with the Honda BF4, BF5 and BF6 engines all here in the Ilkley Yorkshire showroom on display.  The Honda Bf4 BF4 and BF6 outbiard egines are best in clas and with greta customer revews, so that the website here includes a blog, photo, images and video. the 4hp and 6hp outboard engines are extremely popoluar, read here the customer reviews of the all the engines in the smaller and portable outboard sectors
Size: 4,5,6hp
Brand: Honda
BF4 from 1,150.00 incl VAT
incl. VAT.

The Honda BF4, BF5 and BF6 outboard engine is a very popular range of small outboard engines. live in just know a Honda outboard engines makes sense.....!!!!

Torqeedo Electric Outboard Engines, Torqeedo Deep Blue Electric Outboard Engines, Outboard engines electric, 40hp and 80hp outboard engine
Size: 13kWh - 52kWh
Brand: Torqueedo
incl. VAT.

The two Torqeedo Deep Blue electric outboard engines are specifically designed for the 40hp and 80hp outboard engine market sector - therefore they are the first electric outboards capable of powering heavy boats at high speeds.

Full range of Tohatsu outboard engines, including both Tohatsu four stroke engines and two-stroke outboard motors. Tohatsu outboard engines are rugged and reliable, and are uniquely designed. Tohatsu outboard engines now include several fuel injected engine models, including a 15hp engine and the full Tohatsu engine range from 40hp to 90hp. The Tohatsu range is comprehensive and includes all Tohatsu engine and gearbox oils; Tohatsu spare parts, Tohatsu propellers and remote control kits for Tohatsu engines
8 hp
Brand: Tohatsu
inc VAT.

In 2022 we are selling the full range new Tohatsu outboard engines. Please see the Tohatsu UK website for all details of all Tohatsu outboard engine models. We continue to offer full servicing, repair and support on all Tohatsu engines, new and old.

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