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please see here for images advuce and proces on all inflatable canoes and kayaks. this website has reviews of popular infltable canoes such as tangos seveylor ranges. There are images and photos of the whole range of inflatable and portable canoes, including all the poular and family friendly canoe models . This website has detailed sale prices and technical specification sand dimensions of many popular canoes, includiing the reviwes by song of the paddle and wetsuits direct and king of watersports etc
Size: 11'
Brand: Z-Pro
inc VAT.

The Z-Pro Tango TA200 inflatable canoe / kayak was designed for use by one or two paddlers. The Z-Pro Tango TA 200 is a high-quaity infltable canoe, for use on rivers, lakes and at the sea shore. 

Size: 13.5'
Brand: Z -Pro
inc VAT.

The Z-Pro Tango TA300 inflatable canoe is - by far and away - the most popular model in the Z-Pro inflatable canoe and kayak range. The Z-Pro Tango TA 300 is a three person, family-friendly inflatable canoe / kayak. This inflatable canoe is of high-quality,  with a flexible protective fabric outer hull.

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Size: 12'3"/3.75m
Brand: ZPRO
inc VAT.

The Z-Pro Flash 200 inflatable canoe - now discontinued. 
This has been replaced by the Aquaglide Klickitat 2 - a very similar product. Please call us for details

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