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Ocean kayak Mysto sit on top canoe and kayak, for sale in the UK, best prices, sizes, colours, Ocean kayak dealership in Yorkshire, Lancashire, humberside and the Lake District. Ocean kayak Mysto model
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A sit-on-top that comes straight from Ocean Kayak's original heritage on the West Coast of the US of A, the Ocean Kayak Mysto is the direct descendant of their original sit-on-top kayak. 

The Ocean Kayak Mysto sit on top canoe is designed to be easily used by beginners and intermediates, on either flat or inshore water. At just 3m long (10 foot) the Mysto is lightweight and is thus ideal for carrying.

A classic sit-on-top kayak design with only few refinements, the Mysto has the comfortable seat, built-in lifting handles, paddle keeper, cup holder (because West Coast Americian's love Starbucks) and even a deck area for storage.

The Ocean Kayak Mysto is being phased out and pleae check with us on choice of colours.


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