Zodiac Milpro (formerly Avon) Military Ribs & Inflatable Boats
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Zodiac Milpro (formerly Avon) - Military & Coastguard Boats
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The six military inflatable boats that are in the Zodiac Milpro (formerly Avon) FC and CRRC ranges are all designed for exacting military missions.
These inflatables are complete with comprehensive equipment specifications that meet most types of military missions.

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Zodiac milpro SRR responder ribs were origannlyy called avon SRR responder ribs. The Zodiac milpro SRR responder rib is based on the legendary Avon searider rib and the Zodiac milpron SRR rib boat has a durable design optimised for commercail , professional and military use, including patrol, diving and workboat functionality. The Zodiac Milpro SRR Responder (formerly avon) rib boat is tough and seaworthy being made to military Royal Navy standards with neoprene hyperlon tubes and commercial grade equipment
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Zodiac Milpro SRA boat at speed - video
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On this you tube video - one originally made for Zodiac Milpro as their own promotional film - you can see many features common to the Zodiac Milpro range of professional, commercail and defence rib boats. This boat feautred in this milpro video is the SRA 870 boat - one with  an aluminium hull with a diesel inboard driving a waterjet. In this Zodiac Milpro video, you can clearly see the high quality neoprene tubes, robust seating and console: features which are common to all Zodiac Milpro rib boats.
However when purchased from Pennine Marine,we can offer you a bespoke and customised solution based on any one of a number of dfiferent Zodiac Milpro hull or engine configurations


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