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Zodiac Milpro Emergency Response Inflatable Boat, small boat

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The zodiac milpro ERB, the emergency response boat is, as the name suggests,opytimised for depoyment by first responders such a fire brigades, coastguards, ambulance and flood response teams Fire brigares all over the UK use the ERB emergency response boats to deploy rapidly from appliances to deal with casualties and water-bourne rescues on the water. the Zodiac Milpro ERB wa sformerly called the Avon ERB; with the ERRb having many years of service with fire brigades and other flood rescue organisations
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ERB Emergency Response Boats
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Quotes, Prices and Delivery
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Please contact Pennine Marine for a quote; our best prices and delivery charges (if any) on all models of Zodiac Milpro Emergency Rescue Boats. 
The three current Zodiac Milpro (was Avon Emergency Response (ERB) boat models are:-

  • Zodiac Milpro ERB 310
  • Zodiac Milpro ERB 380
  • Zodiac Milpro ERB 400

Emergency Response Boats can be sold "boat only" - and/or with engines and/or with trailers. 
Our procing includes all standard boat accessories, as listed in the Zodiac Milpro catalogue

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pennine marine are some of the leading experts on the boats engines and trailers needed for fire and rescue services worldwide and in the UK. we offer  a full range of boats and engines to meet all emergency and flood rescue situations; from river rescue to mass casualty situations. Pennine marine are experts with zodiac milpro and avon emergency response boats erb's - the erb 310; the erb 380 and the erb 400 These zodiac milpro boats are fire brigade and search and rescue approved for appoval throughout th
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ERB Emergency Response Boats
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Three Floor Options
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There are three options for the floors fitted into new Zodiac Milpro Emergency Reponse Boats
Please note that (as of May 2022) there is no difference in the pricing of the different ERB boat floor options. However we must be told the floor type when the boat is ordered.
ERB Floor Option 1. Fast Inflation air-deck.
ERB Floor Option 2. Rigid deck kit
ERB Floor Option 3: Roll Up slatted deck
The floor kit will be factory fitted and the pricing includes all accessories. All three floor types are available for all three Zodiac ERB inflatable boats: so ERB 310: ERB 380: ERB 400 
All Zodiac Milpro (was Avon) ERB boats are supplied with the Zodiac Milpro fast inflation kit, which is everything except the cylinder

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For privately owned, UK based leisure boats, your new Zodiac, Bombard,Avon rib and/or inflatable boat will come with a comprehensive manufacturer’s two year warranty (covering for manufacturing defects). This Zodiac warranty can be extended (at an optional extra cost) for up to an additional three years, making a total of up to five years. Your new Yamaha or Suzuki outboard engine will come with a standard five year warranty. The Indespension road trailer will come with a one year warranty.

There are a number of terms and conditions that need to be observed by the boat owner/operator for preserving the engine warranty. The primary condition is that the outboard engine must be regularly serviced by a manufacturer’s approved dealership, or an approved service centre.   

For commercial UK based boat owners/operators, your new Zodiac rib or inflatable boat comes with a comprehensive manufacturer’s one year legal warranty (for manufacturing defects). Your new Yamaha or Suzuki outboard engine will come with a maximum of two year and/or a number of operating hour’s warranty.

Full warranty terms and conditions are available on request.