Zodiac Classic Inflatable Boat
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Prices for the Zodiac Classic boat with a solid timber floor;

  • Zodiac Classic Mark 1 (solid floor)   -  our price - 
  • Zodiac Classic Mark 2C (solid floor)-  our price - 
  • Zodiac Classic Mark 2 (solid floor)   -  our price - 

Prices for the Zodiac Classic boat with a solid aluminium floor;

  • Zodiac Classic Mark 1 (aluminium floor) -   our price -  
  • Zodiac Classic Mark 2C (aluminium floor) - our price - 
  • Zodiac Classic Mark 2 (aluminium floor) –  our price - 

The Zodiac Classic boat prices listed above include VAT at 20%.
The Zodiac Classic inflatable bpat is sold completes complete as a “boat only” ready to go out on the water. The Zodiac Classic comes complete with boat carry bag, bow bag, seat, pump, paddles (short paddles, (not oars)), short painter line, a repair kit and manual. These standard accessories are all included in the boat price.  Outboard engine and other optional accessories sold separately.
Delivery to your UK mainland home address will be 85.00 including VAT for home delivery
The popular optional accessories with the Zodiac Classic inflatable boats are benches, consoles, covers, fishing rod holders, launch trolley, launch wheels, bathing ladder and electric pump (these options are all additional to the boat-only price given)


Zodiac Classic - Optional Bench Seating

Either flooring version on the Zodiac Classic will accept the optional bench seats. These easily clip into the side rails. These bench seats are a popular optional accessory on the Zodiac Classic.


Zodiac Classic Optional Remote Steering

However the Zodiac Classic has two options for fitting a remote controlled and steered outboard engines. This can either be crossbar steering kit, or a mini-consoles and benches. With both these options a seated helm position is possible and these options allow remote control of the engine.


Zodiac Classic Launch Wheels

A very popular optional accessory for the Zodiac Classic are the clip-on launch or flip up launch wheels. These allowing a much easier slipway or beach launch, even with an outboard engine mounted on the Classic’s transom.


Warranty Description: 

For privately owned, UK based leisure boats, your new Zodiac, Bombard,Avon rib and/or inflatable boat will come with a comprehensive manufacturer’s two year warranty (covering for manufacturing defects). This Zodiac warranty can be extended (at an optional extra cost) for up to an additional three years, making a total of up to five years. Your new Yamaha or Suzuki outboard engine will come with a standard five year warranty. The Indespension road trailer will come with a one year warranty.

There are a number of terms and conditions that need to be observed by the boat owner/operator for preserving the engine warranty. The primary condition is that the outboard engine must be regularly serviced by a manufacturer’s approved dealership, or an approved service centre.   

For commercial UK based boat owners/operators, your new Zodiac rib or inflatable boat comes with a comprehensive manufacturer’s one year legal warranty (for manufacturing defects). Your new Yamaha or Suzuki outboard engine will come with a maximum of two year and/or a number of operating hour’s warranty.

Full warranty terms and conditions are available on request.