Pennine Marine - Payments (incl. Bank Details)

For all UK customer transactions, we accept all the normal and legal forms of payment;

  1. Debit cards or bank transfers (including internet banking) are our normally preferred means of payment. 
  2. Debit cards: we accept all UK issued / regsitered debit cards.
  3. Credit Cards: we accept all UK issued / registered credit cards: including both Amex (Amercian Express) and Mastercard. 
  4. UK credit cards are accepted without any additional transaction fees or surcharges.
  5. Payment by debit and credit card can be easily made in person either here in person, or over the phone.
  6. We will accept cash up to the UK legal limit (currently ten thousand pounds).
  7. For all commercial businesses, government organisations etc we can operate using the customers purchase order system and invoice (for payment within 30 days). Please contact ourselves if you need us to set up a customer account.
  8. Cheques.We will sometimes accept cheques, but only from clubs and charities etc. Please check (excuse the pun) with us first before assuming you can pay by cheque. 
  9. We do not accept any personal cheques.

For all international transactions:

  1. We normally only accept payment from customers being made by international bank transfers (except where a special prior arrangement has been made with us).
  2. We will not accept international credit and debit card transactions. 

If you are unsure about the best way to make payment for your new boat, engine or other service from us, please do not hesitate to ask us for clarification. We can always be flexible (especially when we are asked very nicely!).. We can easily accept "split payments" for larger transactions, so for example the total transaction being divided between more than one account or split onto various different debit/credit card types.

If you are a Pennine Marine customer and you wish to make payment to us by bank transfer or internet banking from any UK or International bank or building society, then please contact us by e-mail or phone for our full bank account details (including account number; sort codes; international BIC and IBAN details etc). We will e-mail these to you.
Our contact details are e-mail or UK phone 01113 532 8575 or overseas phone 0044 113 532 8575.