Engineering Workshop

ILKLEY - LS29 8JZ..... 0113 532 8575
Our marine engineering workshop here will service, upgrade or repair almost all types and makes of outboard engines.
Every year we worked on every size and brand of modern outboard engine and motor - from the smallest two-stroke 2.5hp outboard up to the largest 350hp fuel injected four-stroke outboard engines.
Over the yearsd we have completed literally thousands of outboard engine service and repair projects. Our outboard engine projects are large, medium and small - and range from very cheap" to quite expensive. Our service customers come here from all across Northern England and even southern Scotland. Despite the high number of outboard engine service projects we undertake, we had a customer satisfaction rate of well over 99% last year - we work on the "no news is good news" principle and "we want to see you again -but not too soon".
We also have a very low level of warrentry returns on every new outboard engine we sell. According to the two major engine manufacturers we had one of the best outboard engine service records in the UK. 
We operate most of our our outboard engine service work on a "standard schedule of service rates" for almost all outboard engine models and brands. This policy ensures that you, the customer, knows what you are likely to pay before you travel over to see us.  These standard outboard engine service rates include all the necessary recommended parts (the manufacturers recommended parts list) for the designated service intervals. We always include all the necessary oils, greases, anodes, oil filters, fuel filters, spark plugs and the vital impeller in our standard service rates for your outboard engine. 
 0113 532 8575  or e-mail us
for a quote on our standard outboard engine / motor servicing prices.
Our outboard engine service pricing is open and honest. Our standard outboard engine service prices include all the genuine manufacturers service parts, our trained technician's time, changing all the oils, fuel (for our testing), all minor consumables and cleaning it properly on completion. Also the price quoted is inclusive of the dreaded 20% VAT.
Therefore if you are comparing outboard engine servicing prices, please ensure you are comparing "like with like". (hint: many of our competitirs only quote the labour and without VAT)
If you want to reduce your bill, if you believe certain items do not require replacing, we will check with you, then retain any old (but still serviceable)- parts and then we will automatically lower your final bill. Please note that issues caused by cooling water passage blockages; accident damage; issues caused by extended intervals between servicing; or contaminated fuel (thus requiring a full carborettor strip) are not included in the standard outboard engine service charge. We are however fair and reasonable with these extra items. We will always inform you if we believe these items are either recommended or are essential to the safe operation of your outboard engine.
Please note that many genuine parts for the older outboard engines may no longer be available. Therefore if your engine is older than approximately 20 years (so usually 1995) please call or e-mail us to check that all the right spare parts for your outboard engine are all still available. We will always give you honest advice as to what can and cannot be completed with a service on an older outboard engine.
For the more complex engine repairs or significant accident damage (where standard servicing rates are not appropriate) we will always provide you a full quote for the complete engine/gerabox overhauls and any major damage issues. This may mean we need to inspect the engine first to accertain the full extent of the problems. We can provide a comprehensive breakdown of our quote, if this is required by you or your insurers.
We operate an open and honest approach with all our customers. On your arrival here we will ask you to describe the recent operating history of your outboard engine and also ask you to describe in detail any major or minor issues you may have experienced.
During the engine service work, if we find any unexpected or unusual issues we will always call you, simply to keep you informed of what we have found. We will ensure that all necessary safety-related equipment is checked during the service. Therefore us checking the kill cord operates correctly is always automatically part of our routinue service checks. These checks and a test run are undertaken on every outboard engine, before we declare it complete and ready for collection. Upon completion of the outboard engine service, the old "removed" parts are retained and these old parts will be available for inspection by you when you call to collect your engine. In some cases it will be necessary to photograph the issues and also discuss issues with you on the phone.
We are also happy to demonstrate in our test tank (or running on muffs) your outboard engine and controls when you come to collect it.
In certain cases, you may be unsure as to what the real issues may be and/or whether the outboard engine is economically repairable.
In these cases we can operate one of two ways - either a quick "free visual inspection" by one of our workshop crew - or an "intrusive one hour inspection" costing £60.00. An intrusive inspection will open up your old outboard engine and therefore allow us to report back to you on all the issues we find. This will allow us to decide exactly what parts are needed and therefore allow us to quote the full scope of works accurately for you. You can then decide - or discuss it further with us - whether the engine is economicaly repairable. If it is, then you will know the final price before we start - if not, then you know exactly how much you will spend (£66.00).
 Full inspection, testing, repair and computerised diagnostic equipment is available here for almost all outboard engine makes, brands and models (we are however missing a couple of the very rare ones).
If your engine is fitted with modern diagnostics, these diagnostics will be tested and run as part of our standard service (and this is included in our standard outboard engine service rates). For some (not all) outboard engine diagnostic systems, we will provide you the customer a print-out of your engine performance (please note that obtaining this printout is only possible for certain manufacturers engines and even then, only with certain engine models - usually the most modern ones).  
With our move to Ikley in 2018, please be aware that we no longer offer inboard servicing. We can however still supply spare parts
Please call us on 0113 532 8575 or e-mail us at Please have your engine details to hand, especially the model and the serial number (this is found on the bracket on the engine, where it mounts on the boat). We need the unique engine serial number to order the correct parts. 
Any small (hand held) engines can be dropped off and left with us for servicing - whenever we are open -  without you needing to book the service in advance. We will then work on the engine and call you upon completion. Whilst we can accomodate up to six large boats and three dozen outboards simultaneously in the workshop here, we must insist that ALL boat, trailer and larger outboard engine servicing is BOOKED with us well in advance. This is quite simply because our engineering workshop is busy all year around.
For standard outboard engine servicing (and winterising) of most modern outboard engines (engines less than ten years old),  we can usually offer “same day turnaround” on many modern engines if it has been serviced with us before. If you require a same day turnaround on your outboard engine service, then please book this service at least two weeks in advance. We need to know full your engine details and serial numbers at the time of booking. We would ask that you please make this “same day” requirement clear when you are booking your boat engine service. Please note if you engine does require a carboretter strip, or serious work to the cooling system, then this will take longer than a day.