A brief history of Pennine Marine

A brief history of Pennine Marine....
Our new customers always ask us one question -“why are you here?”. The answer to this most frequently asked question is found buried in our company’s long boating history. Our very unusual geographical location is because of our roots, and our current location is therefore a historical accident for a leading specialist rib and powerboat business……….
The company originally started in the 1970’s as the canal boat hire company, based in the middle of the historic market town of Skipton, which was and still is an important location on the Leeds and Liverpool canal. The first Pennine Marine shop (much altered since) is still on the canal triangle, just under the shadow of Skipton’s famous Castle. Pennine Marine grew rapidly and gradually diversified into outboards and inflatable boats, with customers coming from far and wide. In the 1980’s, the two directors who were running the business at that time (John and Ian) realised the canal boats and powerboats were two completely different markets - with radically different customer requirements.
Therefore the two of them amicably split the business into two halves;

  • Pennine Marine - specialising in ribs, powerboats, inflatables and outboard engines.
  • Pennine Cruisers – continuing with the narrowboats and other canal boats.

Thus in the 1990's Pennine Marine then moved off the canal and onto the Snaygill Industrial Estate, in Skipton, where we were for over twenty five years until  2018. Both companies had cooperated and thrived ever since the split. However we serve a very different type of customer, so there is now little crossover between our two businesses.Our ever-growing Pennine Marine business has mean us relocating on no less than five occasions.
Then Pennine Marine moved from Skipton to Ilkley, into our present very modern premises, in 2018.